Terms & conditions

Ordering & Recording

  1. Valuation enquiries are accepted via e-mail and should include the following information: name of the voice talent, length and scope of the project, usage, and additional services such as file splitting or synchronizing.
  2. A price confirmation via e-mail, a Purchase Order or contract for ongoing cooperation are the basis for commencing a recording project.
  3. The script for recording should be delivered as a separate file in the e-mail attachment. The script must be final, without any editorial comments to modify or change words and should include a pronunciation guide for atypical, technical vocabulary, company names, names, surnames, regions, abbreviations that might pose a difficulty to the voice talent, as well as information regarding the tone and pace of the recording. Reference materials are always welcome.
  4. In case there are any doubts as to the valuation of the material e.g. in the absence of a ready script, RPM reserves the right to review the material in order to set its price accurately and definitively.
  5. Each recording date is fixed individually and depends upon the choice of the voice-over artist, the technical complexity of the recording and the length of the recorded material.

Delivery & Acceptance

  1. The finished project is sent to the ordering party by e-mail / WeTransfer in the form of a single MP3 file (voice-over artist recordings: mono, MP3 128kb, other productions: stereo, MP3 256 kb). Converting sounds into other formats and splitting into multiple files requires additional agreements.
  2. The ordering party is obliged to verify and acknowledge the receipt of the production project within three working days after RPM sends (makes available) the production project. If no objections are reported within this period, this is taken to be equivalent with final acceptance of the production project. RPM is not liable for any losses (recording costs of broadcast cassettes, campaign costs, etc.) resulting from the client’s failure to check the correctness of the recorded text / spot with the script.
  3. Objections to the production project must be notified in writing within 3 days from the date of providing the sound. Otherwise, RPM is not obliged to introduce corrections


  1. RPM is obliged to introduce corrections if the recorded content does not comply with the final script, there are mistakes in the pronunciation or if the quality of the recording in not in accordance with the requested parameters.
  2. Any corrections that result from a change in the script after the recording has been delivered or are due to a lack of a clear pronunciation / style guideline are subject to extra charge.

Live sessions

  1. If the ordering party fails to connect to a scheduled live session, RPM reserves the right to charge a 50 % cancellation fee. The above does not apply in case of technical issues or lack of sufficient contact details.
  2. Live sessions can be cancelled or rescheduled free of charge:
    • 6 hours before the session (afternoon sessions – time zone of the voice talent),
    • At the end of the business day (morning sessions – time zone of the voice talent)

Otherwise, cancelling the session is subject to a 50 % cancellation fee. The base of the cancellation fee is the quote for the project in question.


All payments for voiceover projects shall be made based on the invoice, and in the currency stated on the invoice.