We provide a comprehesive package of voice-over services for business and entertainment in over 50 languages.

Our services


Voice casting & recording in over 50 languages.

We cooperate with a wide range of professional, native voice talents from around the globe.  Just visit our voice bank and take a look yourself.

Post production

File splitting, synchronizing and mastering.
Our sound engineers work tirelessly so that the recording meets the highest standard and is delivered in accordance with our clients’ needs and requirements.

recording quality

digital mixer

Live sessions

Sessionlink Pro, Zoom, Skype, Cleanfeed 

Certain projects require a special direction and individual input.
This is why we offer our clients the option of a guided live session on all popular conferencing platforms.

Depending on the lenght of the project, the final recording can be delivered within minutes after the end of the session.

Translation, localization and subtitling

Supplementary services

For specific language pairs we offer a comprehensive package of voiceover related services, starting from translating or localizing your script all the way up to creating subtitles.

If you wish to find out more, please contact us directly.

Production proces
at a glance

1. Voice selection

Choose the right voice for your project.

2. Quoting

Let us know a bit more about your project.


3. Production

Voice talents do their magic.

4. Post-production

Our in-house sound engineers make the necessary adjustments.

5. Delivery

You receive the mastered recording.

Need help with the process?
Feel free to contact us directly.

What can influence the pricing?

Frequently Asked Questions

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How long is it?

Recording time-sync, lip-sync or wild?